General Questions

Where is your office located? We’re located on Philips Highway, 1 mile south of JTB/202 West and across from Duval Asphalt in the Treetops Complex. Our office address is 7563 Philips Highway Suite 208 Jacksonville, FL 32256

What are your hours of operation? Our staff is available by phone and email Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm. If you are looking to rent one of our properties, we are also available via phone and email Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm. Our physical office location is closed to the public and the best way to reach us is via phone or email.

What are your office phone numbers?
– The main office line for potential residents looking for a home to rent is 904-737-0035.
– For current residents already living in one of our homes who would like to speak with their property manager, the number is 904-755-7777.
– For current residents already living in one of our homes who would like to speak to our maintenance team, the phone number is 904-416-1600.

Leasing Questions

How does the application process work? Our applications are not property specific. You will fill out an online application and provide proof of income and proof of identity. From there, we screen applicants using Saferent Solutions’ Renter Score. If the applicant(s) pass the screening we then verify income with employers. Once the background screening and employement verifications have been completed the applicant will receive final approval with a qualifying amount in rent. Applicants can rent any home at or under the qualifying amount.

How do I view properties I am interested in? There are two options to schedule a showing. You can schedule self showings directly through our website, https://www.jwbrentalhomes.com/houses-for-rent/. You can also speak with one of our agents and they will schedule a showing for you.

How long before I need to move should I start my search? We recommend starting your rental search within 30-45 days before you want to be moved into your new rental home. Our applications are only good for 15 days, which means you would have to place a deposit on a property in that timeframe, or the application would become void. The deposit is the only way to reserve a property with us, and we can only reserve a home for a maximum of 30 days once the deposit has been placed.

What are your typical lease terms? We are looking for long term residents and offer 24-36 month leases. Please contact our leasing office at 904-737-0035 for more information on our lease term options.

What is the security deposit on your homes? The standard security deposit is equal to the first months rent. This can be increased dependent upon screening results.

Do you run my credit? Yes, we perform a background and credit check on each adult who will be staying in one of our homes. If you have questions about our application or qualification policies, please contact our Leasing team at 904-737-0035. There is a non-refundable fee to apply.

What forms of identification will you accept? We accept State issued ID or driver’s license for all adults. We also require a Social Security card, DD214, Tax ID, ITIN, or alien number to run background checks. Both of these documents must be held next to your face in the picture submission when filling out the online

Do you have a minimum credit score requirement? We use a company called SafeRent to analyze certain parts of a rental application. SafeRent doesn’t have a minimum credit score requirement, but it does take your credit scores and credit report information into consideration. Credit scores are just one part of your application, so low scores and blemishes on a credit report aren’t necessarily automatic disqualifiers.

What is the application fee? The application fee is $85 per adult. This fee is non-refundable no matter the result of the background screening.

Do you offer a Military Discount? Yes! For any prospect who applies with us and provides proof of service or veteran status we waive the application fee.

How long does it take for my application to be approved? Once an applicant has submitted all required documentation the application will take 48-72 business hours to be finalized. There are instances where this timeline can be extended based on income verification.

What qualifications do you require for approval?

-Your gross monthly income needs to be 3 times the rent amount. Must be verifiable and local.

-Our standard security deposits are equal to one month’s rent.

-We do background checks looking for felonies within the past 10 years.

-We do background checks looking for evictions within the past 4 years.

-Prospects must not have any open balances with previous landlords or utility providers.

-Any bankruptcies, foreclosures, and/or short sales may result in a denial or an increased deposit.

We try our hardest to work with every applicant that applies with us. We understand the importance of housing for you and your family. If you do not meet the above criteria, or have questions, please call us at 904-737-0035 to ask about our Second Chance Program.

How quickly can I move in? Our goal is to move you in as soon as possible. Once a future resident has paid all of their move-in balance, we can get them into the home as early as 3 business days. If you are just starting the process, expect a minimum of 7 – 10 business days for a realistic timeline to be into your new home.

What do I need to move into a home, once I am approved? To move into a home you will need to pay your total move-in balance which includes: application fee (paid before approval), rent, deposit, administration fee, Resident Benefits Package, prorated rent (if applicable), and pet fee (if applicable). You will also be required to show proof of utilities being active in your name before the lease is signed.

What would cause an automatic decline of my application?

-Recent Evictions, Foreclosures, Open Blances with prevuious Landlords, and/or Utility Debts (last 4 years)

-Felonies (in the last 10 years)

*We do not work with crimes of sexual nature or related to homicide in any time span, or with any approval program

-Bankruptcies(in the last year)

We pride ourselves on trying to accommodate all applicants. If you do not meet any of the above criteria, please call us to discuss our Second Chance program.

Can you hold a property for me before I have applied? Properties are only reserved once a deposit is taken, and we only accept deposits from approved applicants. Our deposits are non-refundable and we would never want to forfeit your deposit to the homeowner in the event your application is denied.

Is the security deposit refundable? Security Deposits to reserve a home are non-refundable and non-transferable. Your leasing agent will make sure you are approved before taking your deposit, and will ensure you are committed to the property that you have selected. Once you move into the property, your security deposit is refundable at lease end, dependent on the fulfillment of your lease terms and on the condition of the home once you vacate.

Will I need a cosigner? No, we qualify our applicants solely based on the residents that will be living in the home. There are certain instances where a cosigner may be an option for you. To discuss this, please contact our office at 904-737-0035.

What security packages do you offer? We are proud to present our residents with a range of security packages. Safety and security is a top priority of ours.

Do you accept pets? Many of our homes are pet friendly, but policies do vary per property. Generally, we do not accept aggressive dog breeds. Please contact our leasing team at 904-737-0035 to discuss the best fits for you and your fur family.

What is the pet fee? A non-refundable pet fee of $500 will apply and covers up to 2 approved animals on the property. Any additional approved pet will require an additional non-refundable $250 pet fee.

Rent/Property Management Questions

What are my rent payment options? We accept online payments through our portal. You can use your checking account, credit card, or a “MoneyGram” option for payments. Please contact the property management line for more information. They can be reached at 904-755-7777. We DO NOT accept checks, cash, or bill pay.

Who do I contact if I need to discuss my monthly rental payment? You will be assigned a property manager who is happy to assist you. We also have a team of property managers that all work together to support our residents. The direct line to reach the property management team is 904-755-7777.

If I am late on my rent, what is the late fee? We charge a $150 flat fee if rent is late. Rent is considered late after the first, but we give a grace period until the 3rd. Late fees are charged on the 4th of each month.

Is there an option to purchase the home I rent? At this time, we do not offer rent to own opportunities.

I want to move out, but my roommate wants to stay. What do I do? We’re sorry to see you go, but happy to assist you. Your roommate(s) will need to qualify by providing paystubs showing they make three times the rent amount on their own collectively. From there, all residents on the lease must sign a resident removal addendum which removes you from the lease. Your Property Manager can assist you through this process.

My lease is expiring and I want to renew my lease, what do I do? Great! You can initiate the renewal process to see what options are available to you from your online portal, or by contacting your Property Manager by phone (904) 755-777 or email at pmgr@jwbcompanies.com. In the meantime, please go ahead and send in these six pictures of your home listed below. We cannot begin the renewal process until we have these photos in:

  1. Front of home from the street view, able to see the front yard and front of house
  2. HVAC air filter
  3. HVAC required filter size (close up of filter size listed on the unit).**If filter size is not noted anywhere then take a picture of the serial number or any stickers found on the unit. **
  4. Kitchen
  5. One bathroom
  6. One living space

What are my rent payment options? We accept online payments through our portal. You can use your checking account, credit card, or a “MoneyGram” option for payments. Please contact the property management line for more information. They can be reached at 904-755-7777. We DO NOT accept checks, cash, or bill

Maintenance Questions

Who do I call to report a maintenance issue? We have a maintenance staff to quickly respond to any maintenance issues that may arise. The number to call to reach our maintenance team is 904-416-1600 or email your maintenance request with photos to 

Who is responsible for changing air filters? According to our lease agreement, the resident is responsible for timely changing of the air filter. We do have a residents benefit package that includes filter delivery to your front door, which makes this a very easy task to complete.

Who is responsible for pest control? According to our lease agreement, the resident is responsible for all pest control issues on the

Who is responsible for lawn maintenance? According to our lease agreement, the resident is responsible for all lawn maintenance on the

Kaley T.

We just recently moved into a home through JWB and the move-in process was quick and easy! There was clear communication and they had answers for all of our questions. So far so good!!

Maria Y.

Being new to Jacksonville, it was very stressful finding a property. JWB rental made the process so smooth and stress-free. They also have the best properties in JAX. A BIG thank you!! To all the JWB staff, especially Juliano who walked me through the rental process and responded to all my concerns in a timely manner.

Roy R.

I have had a great experience with JWB rental home. I have been with jwb for 4 years with the best experience. Anytime I had an maintaince issue jwb responded in a timely manner. All my property managers have been very professional. Keep up the good work.

Shawn G.

Jwb has been great. The customer service experience from start of application till now has been stellar. SYDNEY has been excellent and always checks on me and my family to make sure all is good. Pricing is fair and affordable. I recommend JWB to everyone. Rent with a rental company who cares. Thank you JWB!!

Stefanie K.

Great property management company. They are easy to work with, respond to work orders very quickly, I’ve had zero issues with them and will continue renting from JWB!

Yola W.

We have been with JWB for six years and just renewed for three more years. My property manager Taylor Carneal is always there for us, he’s never to impatient or busy to listen. Anytime we need anything taken care of; it has been done in a professional and timely manner. Taylor, my husband and I appreciate you so much. You are Awesome!!!!!!!!

Lele K.

My experience with JWB has been phenomenal these past two years. They really have the best rental rates in town.
Every property manager we have had has been attentive and excellent. Our current property manager Taylor, is a gem! I’m very appreciative of the hospitality that I have received and I am looking forward to year 3.

Katrice H.

First time renting in 12 years…. Kelly definitely made the application process fast and easy. Andrea answered all questions when I signed the lease. Home is nice and affordable. Also the area that I am in is fairly nice and the neighborhood is great! I appreciate all of the dedication and kindness. Thank you for making this this experience easy

Carla Smith

I have an amazing agent, Ashley, she is very professional and helpful. She always explain things to me and very patient!!! I have been with JWB since 2015 and I have enjoyed being a tenant!!!

Andrea Johnson

Just renewed my lease for the third time with JWB! Quick process and completely virtual! Make sure to Pay your rent on time and maintain your house!

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