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Find your next Jacksonville rental home

A property management company that cares

Impeccable service from start to finish. JWB offers high-quality rental homes and full-time property management ensuring that resident needs never go unmet.

Service backed by values

When you rent with us, you put your livelihood in our hands. We take this very seriously. That’s why these ten core values lay the foundation for everything that we do.

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Service backed

When you rent with us, you put your livelihood in our hands. We take this very seriously. That’s why these ten core values lay the foundation for everything that we do.

Long-term leases provide security and stability

provide security

Long-term leases provide security and stability

In order to ensure stability for each of our residents, we offer two to three year leases. With a long-term lease, you can settle into your new home knowing that you won't be forced out before you're ready.

Client Success Stories

Katina Frazier

“JWB is the BEST!!! I have been a resident for almost 3 years and I would recommend them to anyone. Laurie has been my property manager for the past year and she is remarkable. Never once has she not made sure I was happy with anything I came to her about. Always quick to respond and on top of it right away. This has been the case since day one with anyone in the office.”

Brittney Haigler

Allison at JWB is amazing. She is by far the best we’ve had since renting. She is quick to return calls or emails and is always extremely helpful! Shes the best!

Ms. McTeer

“I have been a residence of this company for almost 4 years now and ever situation I have had has been great. They have worked with me with my fees and any repairs I have. They are really a great company. Laurie has worked with me for I think about a year now and she has been nothing but great when it comes to making sure I am happy. Thanks!”

Carlton Huang

“JWB is an excellent company with great customer service and dependable property management, with in house maintenance. Property owners can have peace of mind knowing that JWB will take care of their properties. And tenants will appreciate the high quality rentals and great customer service offered by JWB. Thanks JWB, keep up the great work!”

Lisa Conaway

I have to give appreciation and credit when it is due. My Property Manager Laurie Pray is one of the most caring human being that I have ever met. She is always giving reminders and check up emails to make sure her clients are taken care of. She has my vote for best Property Manager of the year!

Angelica Wilder

I have been renting with JWB since 2018 and they have been a great company. I was assigned a new property manager, Allison A., and she has been PHENOMENAL! She always responds to my emails, even about simple questions. She was a tremendous during the shutdown as well. She kept in touch with the owners of the home and kept some of the stress off of my shoulders. I would recommend this company and this Property manager.

Cheyenne Sullivan

JWB has helped us get into the home we were looking for. They are very professional and there to help us with any issues we have. They respond pretty quick to emails whenever we have any questions or concerns. A great property management team.

Andre Williams

I love renting from this company. Since February I’ve been renting my brand new home and I haven’t had any issues at all. I can always count on my emails being answered by Valerie in a timely manner as well. They also worked with me and my family so well I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to rent in the Jacksonville area.

Barbara Royal

I love JWB rentals I live in a four bedroom home managed by Kaitlyn and she is fantastic! Any problem that might have arose she was on top of it and we were left satisfied! We r currently in a 3 year lease and finishing out our very first year I can definitely say I will be signing another three year lease when the time comes!!

Valerie Payne

We LOVE JWB Rental Homes and it’s staff! Allison is always so helpful and we never have issues! Way to go JWB!

fatimah Jackson

JWB is a great rental property. They work with you and get you into the rental you want. I was able to see a place and was moved in a week later. I highly recommend JWB to anyone who is looking.

Stephanie Okelley

I would like to give a shoutout to Allison. She responded to my maintenance request less than 24 hours and had my issue resolved. This company and employees are very professional and I would recommend them for your rental services! Like