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3510 Andrews St., Paxon, 32254
3510 Andrews St., Paxon, 32254

3510 Andrews St.,
Jacksonville, FL 32254
4 beds
1 baths
1152 Sq Ft
Rent: $999

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I have no words to express how excited I am to rent this new house. JWB has been so amazing since I attended the open house. They have good rent deals and made my dream of having my first home come true. Thanks to the staff; they have always been amazing and always make me feel like I am home. My kids and I will sure enjoy this new house – where new memories and new adventures will happen!
Azalea N.

The customer service was great and we appreciate your kindness and dedication in providing this wonderful home for us.
Robert & Maura M.

I am in love with JWB. They were so friendly. I am a customer for life. Will refer company to ALL my friends.
Ashley L.